steps to a bow bun

One year ago, E asked me to marry him, and at our engagement party, I asked my stylist to do a bow bun. I love bows; I love buns. So the "bow" bun was clearly my up-do of choice! There are many different versions online, so I can't take credit for the idea, but here's how I do it: 1. Curl your hair for volume and have plenty of hairspray at the ready 2. Pull your hair up into a pony tail, but when you're pulling your hair through the loop the last time, only pull it through halfway, leaving a little tail 3. Split the ponytail "poof" in half and loop the "tail" over the split to create the "center" of the bow 4. Secure with bobbies or hair spray and spread the two sides of the bow for maximum effect. Thanks to the beautiful Brie for modeling in Costa Rica. Shot on Fuji 160S and processed/scanned by

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  1. Ooo, I love this! If only every online tutorial was shot so beautifully....